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When it comes to selling, using strategies and tactics to get the job done, there are few who consciously think about the ethics in the way they sell. Ethics in selling will help the organization build a good reputation and consolidate its position in the market. Ethics are learned and they can make a big difference in having a loyal customer base and in making sales.

Ethics in selling can be:

1. Truly listening. Good sales executives are partners. Start being a true listener by understanding the real issue, not just what you want it to hear so you can attempt to sell your product or service. True listening is really understanding the underlying issues and the ‘whys’ behind those issues.

  1. Pulling back. Most sales executives do not know when to push and when to pull back. No one likes to be pushed and hearing something a prospect says that may look like an opportunity is not the time to pounce on them with your solution. Pull back and ask more about what they’ve said. Pulling back at the right time can keep you in a respectful position as well as learn what the true issues really are.
  2. Go to bed knowing you did the right thing. My father always taught me, if you can go to bed at night and know you did right thing you will have an easier time getting to sleep. You can also rest assured that those you have done business with trust you and respect your opinion.
  3. Tell it like it is: The key to getting a loyal customer base is to be truthful at all times. When the customer asks you for suggestions, be truthful and offer the information in its truest form, even if its not you as the best option. That’s right. Doing the right thing is always more important then the sale. If a customer recognizes you’re doing the right thing they will keep you in mind for future business. If the customer recognizes you’re not doing the right thing and just said what you needed to in order to make a sale, you will most likely lose them forever.


  1. Be innovative. The key to having a consistent sales base is to come up with innovative ideas for them. Know what your competitors are doing and stay informed. Use your own methods and strategies to stand out from the competition. Do not copy or borrow ideas. Instead, brainstorm as a team with your prospect or customer and take valuable suggestions. They need you to be a sounding board not just a pusher of your product or service.
  2. Customer satisfaction. This should be given the highest priority. Come up with surveys and feedback options to know what you are doing right and wrong. Do proper research and know how to appeal to customers on a deeper level.

    7. What are they thinking about? Your customers have interests and concerns other then what you offer them. Be their sounding board and a connector. Who do they want to meet? What do they need outside of what you offer? Helping in ways that are outside of your scope is the key to being a true partner. That is about truly helping.

Ethics in selling may seem like a luxury you cannot afford but in the long run, standing out in the rat race, building your empire and loyal customer base calls for utter dedication and ethical selling.



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