Top 7 Restaurants for a Business Lunch. #7 might not be what you think!!!

Top 7 restaurants for a business lunch.

These are in no particular order

Bonefish Grill

There is a variety of food so if you don’t know what other might want, it allows choice. Wait staff is typically attentive and easy going. Great atmosphere.



A professional yet casual atmosphere allows for some lighter conversation as well as business. This is a great restaurant for a small group since they really cater to that.


The Capital Grille

Perfect for a client that you want to impress. The food here is next to none and the service is even better. The booths are private and quiet. Excellent for the most important of clients to take the impression to the next level. Call ahead to the matre’de and tell him/her who you are and who your client is. They will greet you at the door with your name and treat you like they are your personal staff.

capital grille

Season’s 52

For the health conscious client you are safe with this menu. Everything is fresh, always cooked to perfection and if you like desserts they are small and delicious! The service is of high standard as well.


McCormick & Schmick’s

Always serving seafood that is fresh and meats prepared to your liking, this is a great option for any business lunch. It’s a fun yet professional atmosphere. Pricing is fair for all you get.


Your local spot

Sometimes the best spots are your local favorites. You become the expert when you bring your client to ‘your place’. A restaurant that you frequent when you are on your own time. Great for a client who is new or visiting the area as well as someone who says they just have never been there. You are the local expert!


Your own home

My mom was an excellent cook so our home growing up was always hosing dad’s clients when they were in town. If you enjoy hosting and want to really bond with a client this is a great option. Beware, not everyone likes this and certainly don’t do it if you aren’t really comfortable with the idea.

home cooking

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